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Online Portfolios for Students!

Pupil Pages allows your child/student to create and maintain an online portfolio of his/her work.

This online portfolio will follow your student/child and their progression in school. At the close of your student's schooling he/she has an organized and stylized way of presenting their accomplishments.

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Includes all hosting and technical support. No hardware or software is needed!
Students can rename navigation to better organize their portfolio
Easily upload original creative writing and artwork, music, movies, pdfs and more!
Password Protected
Access and upload from any internet connection anywhere
Bio and resume of each student
Students can archive their work as they build their portfolio.
Journal and "Blog" encourages self-reflection and collaboration.
Students can use our "Portfolio-2-Go" service to keep their sites when moving out of of their district or after graduation
Customizable language filter for comments

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