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Classroom Websites Made Easy!
Now with Password Protected Blogs and Photo Gallery!

This web-based tool gives teachers an easy, effortless way to build their own website. Absolutely no knowledge of HTML is required. All that is needed is a current Web Browser with an Internet connection and teachers are well on their way to creating a robust classroom website that showcases their own unique classroom.


Your website can include:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Contact Information
  • Learning Units
  • Class schedule
  • Blogs
  • News & Announcements
  • Assignments with integrated calendar
  • Links to reference materials
  • File Library


Easily update and maintain your website.

Features Include:

Customizable Interface
You choose what pages to include on your site. Decide if you would like to password protect your entire site or just certain parts, like the photo gallery and blogs, or none at all. Change color schemes to keep your site new and fresh looking.

Photo Gallery
Publish photographs in either a secure, password protected environment, or for the public to enjoy. You decide whether you want visitors to submit comments.

Now you can blog on an unlimited number of topics. You may password protect this area, or keep it public for any individual blog. Choose to allow students and site visitors to post comments if you like.

Easily create and maintain a calendar of events for your class. Show your assignment due dates if you like.

Learning Units
The Learning Units module lets you create complete mini-websites for any topic you'd like. Use them to create webquests, lesson plans or special project sites. Learning Units can be archived and edited for use at a later time.

Publish assignments complete with downloadable resources and links. You can give your assignment a due date and choose to show that on your calendar.

Give your students an online library of resources that they can access directly from your website.

Keep parents and students informed of all the happenings in your classroom by publishing your classroom news.

File Cabinet
Store your own library of documents and images online and access them from anywhere.


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